is an approach to work for freelancers, consultants, entrepreneurs, experts for hire, and other independent professionals. We help you to develop and market a small business—providing services or products that draw on your expertise—that aligns with your values.

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the team

Letitia Henville (she/her) is a book nerd, a bad swimmer, and the founder of She created The First Retreat Workbook because she needed a step-by-step process to follow for her own business retreat, and developed the antihustle marketing strategy after getting frustrated by conventional marketing practices. Find her on twitter @shortishard or in her freelance editing business,

Tanya Griffiths (she/her) is a mental health advocate, dessert enthusiast, and antihustle’s content developer. She manages and creates content for our social media platforms and thrives in work and project environments that align with her values. Other parts of herself include running a gourmet cookie and mental health business, Being Baked Cookies, creative writing, and freelance video-making.

Joey Zhang (they/them) is the curriculum designer of A misanthrope and lover of card games, Joey puts their heart and soul into planning, creating and revising The Second Retreat and upcoming course content. Prior to joining, Joey was a UX Design student at BrainStation. Their portfolio project can be found at

Matthew Smithdeal (they/them) is a queer, neurodivergent PhD candidate, foster cat mom, and curriculum designer at Matthew wants to help people find ways to survive within capitalism while retaining their values and their identity. To learn more about Matthew’s work and other projects, they can be found at  

Ali Cayetano (he/she/they) drew these portraits, made the cover art for The First Retreat Workbook, and is a sometimes copyeditor for antihustle. Ali’s freelance copyediting business, Bolpen Book Help, can be found at or on twitter @bolpenbookhelp.